• Utrecht, the Netherlands

Update +1000km 🚲

Here you go. This is my latest update on the Roadmeister (VeloBuild VB-R-099) for now.

Over the last months I did a variety of rides. Solo rides, group rides or rides as part of a triathlon. Rides in excellent weather ☀️, … more >>

New Saddle 🐎

I still had to replace the BBB Sportcomfort Anatomic saddle which I took from my previous bike. This one is too soft and too comfortable for the aerodynamic Roadmeister. Didn’t want to spend much money on it so decided to try … more >>

Bike Computer 🖥️

You can’t be a meister (master) on the road without having a proper bike computer.

I’ve decided to go for the Wahoo Elemnt Roam because of its robust look & feel, simplicity and display specs. It’s easy to read the … more >>

170 km update 🚴

Today I decided to take a few hours off to go for a ride to my hometown Amsterdam.

After 20 km’s I experienced some creaking noise from either the seatpost or the saddle clamp when riding over a bump. I … more >>

Finish line in sight 🏁

The finish line is in sight. The Roadmeister is almost ready to go out for its first ride. But before that, the handlebar tape needs to be added, the bottle cages to be attached, pedals (Look Keo 2 Max Carbon), … more >>

The Chain ⛓️

Apparently it’s not just opening up the box and add the chain. It’s a bit more complicated than that. There seems to be a variety of methods to make sure you’ll get to the right chain length. I’ve decided to … more >>

Bleeding the brakes 🧪

Time to bleed the brakes. I felt like a real chemist with these tools and pinkish liquid. It was an easy job to do. I did the rear brake twice as I had the impression there wasn’t enough tension after … more >>