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170 km update 🚴

170 km update 🚴

Today I decided to take a few hours off to go for a ride to my hometown Amsterdam.

After 20 km’s I experienced some creaking noise from either the seatpost or the saddle clamp when riding over a bump. I think I should be able to fix this with some carbon paste for the seatpost or some normal grease for the saddle clamp.

This 86 km ride is the longest so far on the Roadmeister.

16 thoughts on “170 km update 🚴

    • Looking good!

    • Mooi rondje, ook vaak gereden dit.

      Zou je eens een foto willen posten vanaf de zijkant (plat recht genomen op het hart van de bovenbuis)en niet onder een hoek geschoten.
      Ik kan nog steeds geen goed beeld krijgen over de geometrie van het frame, stuur staat voor mijn gevoel raar omhoog of komt dit door de hoek van de foto?

      Ps. super mooi gedaan met site etc.

    • Cool bike man! I am building on the same Velobuild frame, hopefully, I will be done soon.

      • Thanks!
        Good luck with your build. Would be nice if you could share some pictures. If you want I can put them on this site.

        • Hey Niels,

          I was working on the bike today and I think I possibly have ordered a frame a bit too big for me. I am 188cm and I went with a 58cm frame and 440mm handlebars (that’s what Chris recommended as well).

          I would probably go with the smaller size frame but hopefully, I will make it work. I had to lower my seatpost slighly below the non slip surface though. What’s your height and frame size?

          The second point is the flex in the handlebars. It does flex considerably more than my previous bike’s alu handlebars and I think it is due to fact that it is integrated bars. How do you feel about this flex yourself, have you noticed that? Does it effect your ridiing?

          Also, I had some play in the steering wheel but I managed to reduce it is still there (if I press front brake and try to more the bike).

          I will post some pics later this week.


      • Hey Povilas, please share your progress with us. I’m also thinking about building something like that for myself.

        p.s. Niels Jansen, how is everything? Maybe an update soon?

    • I see you got 56cm fame with 440/120 handlebars.

      I got 58cm with 440/120 and I think I went with a frame that is slightly too big for me (I am 188 cm) but I guess I will make it work. Though Chris also recommended me this size.

      Also, I noticed the handlebar flex. It is not too bad but quite significant I would say. What are your thoughts on that?

      • Hi Povilas,

        Yes that’s correct. I’ve got the 56cm and the bar size was adviced by Chris.
        When I look at other aero bikes I’m often advised between a 56 and 58. After reading some forums and as adviced by the other brand WorksWell I dedcided to give the 56cm a go.

        I think a real bike fit exercise should tell you what you need. So far the 56 feels good to me but can’t compare it.

        The handlebar has some flex in it but I really think this is due to it being carbon. Alu must be more stiff I suppose. I’m not experiencing this carbon handlebar to be too flexible.

        Where exactly do you experience some play in the steering wheel? I don’t recognize this.

        • I’ve only ridden two sets of carbon bars to date and both have been from Workswell. The first was set of non integrated aero bars which had quite a bit of flex in them. Next was a pair of integrated aero bars (WHB-014 ) which I’ve been using for over a year now and are considerably stiffer. So stiff carbon bars definitely are possible.

          I would have chosen to keep the WHB-014 bars as I really like them but the new VB-R-168 frame I ordered comes with its own set of integrated bars. I’m really hoping they are stiff in light of the comments above! They are also different from the ones that came with the 099 frame or were available to order then so it’ll be interesting to see the differences.

    • Hi Niels, do you have a photo of seatpost clamp and complete headset? I have received a 168 yesterday, but some parts are missed πŸ˜₯

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