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84 km update ๐Ÿšด

84 km update ๐Ÿšด

Just a quick update. After the previous post “Getting Ready for Take-Off” my second ride was to the office in the morning (Amersfoort, the Netherlands) and back home again in the afternoon with a combined total of 59 km.

I’m still alive, nothing failed. Still very enthusiastic about the bike. It feels very aerodynamic and so far can’t find anything to complain about. But as said before, I’m a newbie and can only compare this to my other bike (older Wilier Triestina).

The wheels feel good. The very first ride was a bit windy and you feel that with these wheels. Try to update more on the wheels later on when I’ve done some more km’s.

I’m extremely happy with the Dura Ace set. The hydraulic brakes are absolutely great and the shifters are very quick and precise.

In the meantime thinking about a new project. Maybe trying to go for an ultra-light one for the mountains?

Keep you posted!

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