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Can’t make a decision…๐Ÿค”

Can’t make a decision…๐Ÿค”

Scott? Trek? Canyon?
Canyon Ultimate Aero? Scott Foil? Scott RC Addict? Trek Madone SL6? Second hand Trek Madone SLR6? Can’t make a decision…..

I currently own a 10 year old Willier Triestina which I bought as a second hand from a bike shop in Amsterdam. A really nice carbon bike but it’s time for something new.

I started considering an Ultimate CF SL 8 Disc Aero. Nice bike, nice specs, unfortunately a not a clean cockpit but that wasn’t the biggest issue. Extreme delivery dates. I’ve checked their stock in October and delivery dates for size L were estimated at August 2021. An absolute no go.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor canyon ultimate cf sl disc 8.0 aero

The Scott RC Addict 20 (model 2021). A nice bike, apart from the wheels, good specs and in stock. Contacted some stores and asked for a discount (hey, I’m Dutch;-)). Hardly any attractive discounts to get because of high demand during the covid pandemic. I almost bought one but I didn’t push the button. Somehow I wasn’t getting enthusiastic thinking about owning this bike. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s the brand I don’t feel a connection with.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Scott RC Addict 20

A Trek Madone. That’s the one! That frame looks absolutely nice and aggressive. Different from others. The SL6 didn’t do it for me so I was looking at the SLR6. But damn, that price is high! EUR 7.5k for a bike is insane. I’ve set myself a budget of max EUR 5k (which is +1k versus previous month).

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor trek madone slr6

So what about a second hand? For 4.5k you’ll get a 2019 version SLR6. Nice but it didn’t make me happy thinking about owning it.

It’s good to know that normally I’m very good in quick decision making. Not saying it is always a good thing to do, but for me it feels better than keep doubting. Somehow this whole process of selecting and buying a new bike became sort of an irritating process.

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