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The Groupset ⚙️

The Groupset ⚙️

The original plan was to buy a SRAM Force eTap AXS disc 2×12 groupset. Why? Well, because it would save me some internal cable routings as the shifter device is wireless. Besides this, I like gadgets so playing with it via an app sounded as a perfect fit for me.

Not sure if this is the same as in other countries, but at least in the Netherlands almost every groupset from Shimano or SRAM are out of stock with unknown or long delivery dates. Not being able to start the project and just looking at a naked Chinese carbon frame is not want I want.

I decided to look around at marktplaats.nl (Dutch version of Ebay). There is not much supply. This is probably due to the limited stocks of new parts and as a result there are almost no second hand on the market. The market of second hand groupsets is in lockdown…. Thanks Covid!🦠

After a couple of days I’ve found a guy offering a 50km old Shimano Dura Ace Disc R9120 groupset. Thought about it for 2 hours, contacted the guy and made the deal. I probably paid a bit too much for it but hey, that’s the dynamics of supply and demand. The important thing is that I can continue building the bike. See the pictures below.

6 thoughts on “The Groupset ⚙️

    • Looks like you found a good option, this dura-ace group set is probably not as “hi tech” as you wanted but is top quality for sure!! Looking forward to your build. Just bought the same frame and going to build buy my self, I’m a bit worried about cable routing and pressing the bb.

      • Hi Tiago,

        So far the routing was quite doable. I mean, easier than I thought. But must admit the Park Tool helped a lot.

        Pressing the bottom bracket is my next step. Bit nervous about this one to be honest.

        Keep you posted!

    • I’m tracking your progress….this is a great build!!

      I noticed that the Groupset cost is not updated in the price list? I’m curious on how much you paid if you don’t mind me asking.


    • Loving this thread. Now only if I could read dutch.

    • Love this blogg man! Keep it up! 😀

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