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Unboxing VeloBuild πŸ“¦

Unboxing VeloBuild πŸ“¦

Unboxing VeloBuild Chinese Carbon Road Bike Frame:

Unboxing the following VeloBuild items:

  • Frame VB-R-099 (colour: pantone 424c)
  • Wheels VB-RC-50
  • Bottle cages BR-09

❓Received a question whether the seatpost is smooth and the Nm of the seatpost collar. Here you go:

It would be great if you can share your experience, tips or set-up. πŸ™πŸΌ
Questions, just ask!

11 thoughts on “Unboxing VeloBuild πŸ“¦

    • ziet er een mooi kleurtje uit.
      ivm de wielen. Zit er een ratel op het achterwiel. Of is het behoorlijk stil. Eventueel een korte filmpje hiervan?

      En hoe is de build quality?

    • What is your overall first impression?

    • Hi Niels

      How long was delivery from Velobuild from ordering to receiving the frame?
      I’m based in the UK

      • Hi Steven,

        I’ve ordered it on the 26th of January and had it delivered on the 25th of February. I live in the Netherlands and have chosen XDB as the shipping method.

        Please take into account that my order took place just before the Chinese New Year holiday started so I would expect the delivery to be quicker in normal circumstances.

        Hope this helps!

        • With this XDB shipping method, did you have to pay customs? πŸ™‚
          Also why does the seatpost have a rough surface? πŸ™‚
          U got a follower now!

          • Hi Jimmy,

            There was no payment for customs. This was included in the XDB shipping costs.

            The seatpost has a bit of a sandy surface to prevent slipping down when riding on it. I also used a bit of carbon grease inside and it doesn’t slip.

            Hope this helps.

    • Hi Niels, hoe zit het met de coating op de zadelpen, is deze gemakkelijk te verwijderen nadat je de zadelhoogte hebt afgesteld ?

      • Hi Hans, de coating is niet te verwijderen. Het is een beetje een zandachtige coating. Ik begreep dat eerdere modellen dit niet hadden en daarmee last van een slippende zadelpen.
        De coating is niet heel storend wat mij betreft.

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