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VB-RC-50-Sound πŸ”‰

VB-RC-50-Sound πŸ”‰

As requested here’s a short video on the VeloBuild VB-RC-50 clicking sound.

I’ve bought a pair of Schwalbe One 2020 and a pair of Continental Race 28. Oh, and a day later I’ve bought some Schwalbe Easy Fit to better position the tires when inflating.

Added to the My Shopping list which you’ll find here.

7 thoughts on “VB-RC-50-Sound πŸ”‰

    • I’m really interested in the tire clearance of the frame and fork.
      Do you think it is able to clear a slick tire of 34-35mm actual measured width?

      I saw a picture somewhere on the web of a 32mm tire in the fork with extra clearance, I think 34-35mm should be possible.

      gr G-J

      • I’m not 100% sure this would fit. Maybe best to contact Chris from VeloBuild to ask this question. If you want me to measure certain areas of the bike, just let me know.

    • Would be great to see a review of the wheelset since there are virtually no reviews anywhere for the VB-RC-50 or VB-RC-60.

      • Yes, I would like to get some info on these wheels and your overall impression of ride quality.
        – I assume you got the 25mm tubeless wheelset?
        – Were they hooked or hookless?
        I have many more questions, but I’ll ask Chris on Velobuild.


    • What hub did you buy?
      Actually aerodynamic, thoughts? (people tell me design is important)

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